Use of Environmentally Friendly Materials in Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Under our corporate sustainability goal, Everyday Sustainability, at Samsung, we are leveraging technology to empower individuals to make tiny, everyday improvements that may add up to big, beneficial effects for the globe. We are in the business of striving to make the technology that many of us appreciate do more with less of an impact on the environment with each product we develop.

The Samsung Mobile Experience (MX) Business is seeking to include recycled materials in all mobile devices by 2025 as part of our commitment.
The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has helped us make significant progress towards achieving this goal because it contains more recycled materials than any other Galaxy smartphone, including post-consumer recycled plastics made from used fishing nets, water barrels, and PET bottles as well as pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has also increased the proportion of recycled-materials-made parts by double compared to its predecessor and broadened their use to include exterior as well as interior parts.
We are now moving forward in our journey by using environmentally friendly materials in all eight of the smartphone covers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series as well as the Screen Protector that offers additional protection for the smartphone's screen.

Take a look at these three Galaxy S23 smartphone covers, which were created with both elegance and the environment in mind.