Frequently Asked Questions on Account, Payment and Shipping.

For any product-related questions, detailed information can be found in product descriptions. Please contact us directly if you need more information.

Is it necessary to create an account?
While it's not mandatory to create an account, doing so has its benefits. An account allows you to track all your orders conveniently in one place and enables faster checkouts for future purchases. Alternatively, you can choose to check out as a guest.

I can’t log in to my account.
Please make sure you are using the correct email address and password. If you forgot your password then you can reset it from the login page

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept payments via Paypal, as well as most major credit and debit cards

Is my payment secured?
Absolutely. We prioritize your safety — all transactions are encrypted and secure, backed by our active SSL Certificate. You can check its validity here.

Can I cancel after payment?
Unfortunately, post-payment modifications aren't possible. We act swiftly, moving to the packaging and shipping phase soon after receiving your payment.

When do you ship the item?
Orders are typically processed and sent out within 2-3 business days. A notification will be sent your way once it's on its way.

Why is shipping free?
Our international warehouse partnership with a cost-effective and dependable courier service ensures our shipping expenses stay minimal. This efficient system doesn't compromise product quality, allowing us to provide complimentary shipping for all our customers across the globe.

Will you provide the tracking number?
Indeed! Every order is dispatched with a unique tracking number. An email update, inclusive of tracking details, will be sent to you post-dispatch.

Why does my tracking number still show 'USPS Awaiting Item'?

If you've recently received a notification about your shipment but the USPS tracking seems static with "Awaiting Item" or "Pre-Shipment" statuses, here's the scoop: Our premium phone cases journey from our international warehouse. The transit time to get through US customs can occasionally be a week, causing the USPS tracking to lag. But worry not! Once the package lands with USPS, it's typically on your doorstep within 3-4 business days. A heads-up: the festive season might add a little delay.

When will I receive the item?
Given that we ship from an international location, delivery typically takes between 2-3 weeks. However, many customers receive their orders within a two-week window.

I have ordered different items. Will they arrive at different times?
Yes, as our inventory is spread across different warehouses, items may be delivered in separate packages and at varying times.

I still want my item to be delivered quickly.
Before finalizing your order, reach out to us with a special request. We'll send you a revised invoice reflecting any changes in shipping costs, along with an estimated delivery timeframe. Do note that special shipping requests may override promotions like free shipping.

I haven’t received my item yet.
Start by checking the status with your provided tracking number. If over a month has elapsed since your order, please reach out to us. We're committed to resolving such matters promptly.

I have received a wrong/defective/broken item!
Our goal is to ensure every order is dispatched accurately and in perfect condition. If you experience any discrepancies or damages, kindly get in touch. We'll either resend the item at no additional cost or provide a full refund. Our Refund Policy provides more details.

I have more questions.
For further assistance or inquiries, reach out via our contact page or drop an email to We aim to reply within a day.