The new Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra have four undiscovered features

  • Utilizing Bixby Text Call to combat spam
      1. One of the most recent Galaxy S23 enhancements could make a difference. Similar to Google's Call Screening, Bixby Text Call uses Samsung's voice assistant to answer incoming phone calls on your behalf. Imagine a more personalized version of the "Your call cannot be completed" lady.
      2. You may ask Bixby to react with text rather than picking up the phone. So, owing to the live transcriptions, Bixby Text Call should make discussions less invasive and more straightforward to understand, whether you want to query the "Unknown Caller" or simply lack the energy to speak to the customer service agent you waited hours to reach.
  • Clipping images make them appear simple
      1. The Galaxy S23 series is the first Samsung device to incorporate "Image clipping," a topic-cropping function that may be familiar to users of the iPhone's "Remove subject from background" feature. By using picture clipping, you may separate an image's topic from its backdrop and paste it into other programs. See how it functions below.
      2. Although the crop effect isn't always perfect, the fact that I can just tap and hold on to any topic to rapidly turn it into a translucent file is impressive rather than the result itself. You may easily drag and drop the cropped picture from one app to the other while the split-screen or pop-up view is active. 
  • With Pause USB Power Delivery, you can play longer
      1. The new, overclocked Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor and bigger cooling chambers have made the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 variants superb gaming smartphones. The new "Pause USB Power Delivery" function on this year's Samsung phones, however, may be the most significant gaming enhancement. It's a battery bypass feature that's generally seen in specialized gaming phones built by companies like Black Shark and Asus but is now broadly available across the most recent Galaxy S23 devices. 
      2. Usually, when you play a game and charge your phone at the same time, the gadget overheats due to the intense visuals as well as the battery absorbing electrons. The S23 will transfer the incoming power directly to the CPU with Pause USB Power Delivery rather than charging the battery cell quickly. This will lessen overheating, improve performance, and slow down any battery deterioration.
  • Qualcomm's bigger 3D fingerprint sensor
      1. Similar to how we don't typically consider the effort required to get out of bed, we don't frequently consider how good the fingerprint sensor on our smartphone is. However, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series uses Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2, which offers a measurable advance over biometric technology from the previous year, earning it the last slot on our list.
      2. In addition to speed, the sensor region where your finger is registered has significantly expanded. Because of its size, the S23 can reliably and regularly recognize my finger even if it is not centered in the fingerprint graphic.