Heavy Duty Armour Protective Samsung Case


  • Universal Compatibility: Fits Samsung S24 Plus Ultra
  • Wireless Charging Compatible: Supports wireless charging without removing the case
  • Available Colors: Choose among Red, Blue, and Black
  • Dual Protection: Features tempered glass and a protective film
  • Reinforced Bumpers: Front and back double-sided bumpers for maximum protection
  • Anti-Fall Design: Made with silicone that offers ventilation and heat dissipation
  • Functional Add-ons: Includes a phone stand and lens protection cover
  • Adjustable Stand: 135-degree adjustable foot stand for stable support
  • Strong Magnetic Hold: Ensures the case stays securely in place
  • Shock Absorbing: Silicone material absorbs shocks to protect your device
  • Enhanced Durability: Offers robust protection against impacts and falls
  • Comfortable Grip: Soft-touch finish ensures a secure and comfortable hold
  • Responsive Controls: Independent key design maintains optimal button sensitivity

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